1. The Capture of Tenochtitlán
  2. Pueblos de Indios
I am PhD candidate in Political Science at Stanford University and a prededoctoral fellow at CDDRL with an interest in the political economy of development and comparative politics. My research focuses on the co-evolution of institutions, economic growth, and social norms of cooperation. In my dissertation I explore the long-range development patterns of community governance and social capital in rural Mexico.

In a second research agenda I study the causes and effects of criminal violence in Latin America. As part of this work I am coauthoring a book on criminal violence and policing in Rio de Janeiro.

I am also working on projects examining the political economy of human capital, educational policy, and environmental politics.

My research is multi-method and combines statistical analysis, archival research, GIS, text analysis, machine learning, survey experiments and lab-in-the-field approaches.

My work has been supported by SCID , IRiSS , FSI   , the Europe Center and  CLAS . I hold a MA in Educational Policy and a MA Public Policy from Stanford and a BA in Political Science and Economics from ITAM. I am a collaborator with the Poverty|Violence|Governance Lab  and the Digging Early Colonial History Project.