1. The Capture of Tenochtitlán
  2. Pueblos de Indios
Teaching at Stanford
R Tutorials
  • MACHINE LEARNING FOR SOCIAL SCIENCE. Winter 2017, with Prof. Justin Grimmer

  • INTRODUCTION TO COMPARATIVE POLITICS. Spring 2015, with Prof. Jonathan Rodden

    Some extracts from my teaching evaluations (more available upon request):
  • 'Probably the best TA I've had a Stanford!'
  • '[...]Edgar also seemed willing to help and genuinely concerned about student's understanding'.

I am a R consultant at the Social Science and Data Software Center at Stanford's Green Library. I also have developed some tutorials to get started with R.

Read tutorials here

Other Teaching
  • Module on Impact Evaluation of Educational Policies. Diplomado en Intervenciones y Políticas Educativas (2016). CIDE, Mexico.